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Polyban is certified under the ISO 9000 Quality Standard (ICONTEC in Colombia and international IQNET) since 1999. To ensure quality at all stages of the process, Polyban has a modern and complete laboratory, equipped with:

  • Plastometer: Measures the melt index of the plastic resins.
  • digital calipers: PE film thickness.
  • GC: It measures the concentration of active ingredient in case of field to ensure the requirements of the label.
  • Photometer: Opacity pigmented cover field.
  • Analytical balance: Weight formula to calculate film thickness PE and Denier (gauge) in Soga PP.
  • Dart impact: Measures or Wf puncture resistance of PE film.
  • Universal Testing Machine: Measures strength and elongation of the rope and hoop PP.
  • Spectrodensitometer or digital Pantone: Control color printed packing bags.
  • Barcode or IQR: Verification reading printed bags.

All providers of basic resins are certified ISO9000. Also they ensure that the raw materials are internationally approved for use in contact with food. Polyban carries a strict statistical quality control in each production batch (traceability).


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